21 April 2008

Taking Charge

It's time for a new direction. I have been blogging elsewhere for nearly 9 months, mainly on My Telegraph. I enjoy posting there and reading the work of fellow posters. Mostly. It has its limitations, as do most things, including me. The Colonist is nothing to do with My Telegraph and I do not intend to confuse the two, so I shall not be using this site as a snipe station. There are plenty of other places to do that, if and when the mood takes you.

There will be no particular theme here. There will be a look at events and what concerns me; politics and news; sport; music; wildlife; scenery; images; links to other sites. That's enough to keep me going for a year or two.

I hope that I get some visitors from time to time. Comments and debate are more than welcome, encouraged, in fact, and if anyone wants to post an article or an image, just let me know. There are no rules, just conventions. It's going to take some time to get the hang of the tools here, so bear with me.


James Wolfe said...

Well, that worked, and so does the comments box. I think I'll go and play with this a bit more.

Ex P said...

Nice site James. Good luck

Bearsy said...

Echoing Ex-P, what a nice looking site, James.

I fear I have neglected my Bearsy blogspot for a while - good to see you taking the plunge.

James Wolfe said...

Thank you, both. Yes, it is about time I took the plunge on this. I like MyT, but I have found myself getting a bit too hot under the collar with it of late.

This was surprisingly easy to set up, and I wish I had done it before. Any tips will be welcomed.

Bearsy, I pop into your site from time to time and, yes, I'd love to see you get some more stuff on there.

Regards, James.